Hit and Run DC Gathering, October 2005

Last weekend I attended a get-together for readers of Reason magazine‘s Hit and Run blog. (Does that make me a Hit and Runner or a Reasonoid?) Much thanks to smacky (rightmost in the photo below) for organizing. We met at Ireland’s Four Courts, in Arlington, allowing me to indulge in pints of Boddington’s on tap. (Note to self: remember the size of pints and the alcohol content of Boddington’s next time.)

Here’s the group, minus mk, who made a much-appreciated effort to drop by despite other commitments. Click the image to get a full-sized popup.

Left to Right: Me (Sandy), Martin, Kwais, Mr. Nice Guy, Steve, and Smacky

More photos and reminiscences after the break.

(Click on the below photos for full versions in this same window.)

What do people at a gathering of libertarian blog readers talk about? Surprisingly little about politics. Much more was made of who was who on the blog, other regular commenters some of those present had met, and so forth.

Martin, Mr. Nice Guy, Steve, Smacky

There was also the usual getting-to-know-you stuff, since normally we see one another writing about issues. Turns out Martin was born and raised in West Germany. He and mk had a merry time comparing notes, as mk had lived there as a child.

Kwais, Sandy, and Martin casting doubt on his heritage by drinking a Heiney

Of course, this led to a couple of comments about which country is more illiberal culturally, Germany or the US. I came away thinking it was like the Democrats and Republicans–you can pick which illiberality you want, but you’re not going to escape it.


Martin and Mr. Nice Guy find my overuse of “hand signals” humorous

Apparently I felt the need to busta rhyme, or possibly reenact my favorite South Park character, Mr. Derp. Martin wisely tries not to look.

Since there were only a few of us, all of us could be in the conversation, most of the time, though Kwais and I were in a bit of a sidebar about the war (pace Basil) at one point. Turns out I’m fairly bellicose for an anti(Iraq)war type. I had the unique experience of not being fairly less pro-gun than the group average (I’m rabidly pro-Second Amendment, though, like SUVs, I think certain people are begging for Darwin awards by owning them).

Mr. Nice Guy, Steve, and Smacky living up to Mr. Nice Guy’s handle and not mentioning the war

Sandy and Martin, who made quite an effort to show, despite the fact that he had a two hour drive back to his home ahead of him. Welcome to DC commutes.

We had an interesting discussion of where, politically, we started before libertarianism, since there seem to be few born that way. Most of us seemed to come from varying brands of conservatism or no particular affiliation.

Steve, Smacky, and Kwais

Afterwards, Kwais, Steve, Smacky, and I went to the Velvet Lounge in DC to hear a band Steve and Smacky like, Pretendo. Another band was on so we waited and chatted a bit more. Unfortunately a combination of not being 24 anymore and a lack of earplugs drove me home just a little bit into Pretendo’s set (a pity, I’m not a huge fan of modern alternative, but they were pretty good).

I think this will be my new pretentious world-weary poseur blogger pic, á la Joshua Micah Katembe Clanghorn Blythe Futang Futang Marshall. Note the Batmanesque criminal-lair-slant.

Many, many thanks to Smacky, who got this whole thing together:


This was quite fun–everybody was quite nice to meet, and I hear there’s a November gathering in the offing. Assuming this writeup doesn’t get me excommunicated, I’m looking forward to being there.

Update: I forgot to thank Kwais for the pictures. I assure you I was way too lazy to think of a camera.

5 thoughts on “Hit and Run DC Gathering, October 2005

  1. Dude, you totally went metro. I’ve got a friend who, upon seing that shirt, would call you ‘Stripey McShirterson’ and accuse you of playing Golden Tee.

    Actually you’re going for a very Alton Brown look.


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