The Coolest Thing EVAR (So Far This Week)

Peep dis, yo. That’s right: an Atari 2600…not the crappy inside-a-controller version, but an officially licensed miniature version of the console with buttons instead of those stupid switches and original game controllers…for $30 US. Available at Wal*Mart (who pays better than the unions protesting it) and Best Buy, among others, in October.

It even comes with Yars’ Revenge and Yars’ Return. I played one of the Yar games for many, many hours. The thing even comes with Battlezone, which is arguably the first 3D first-person shooter (though the first version of Battlezone was a black-and-white arcade game…actually green-and-black if memory serves). Follow the links and check out the online manual with original-style package graphics and some super-cool screenshots. Behold, kiddies, this is what we had to make do with for game-playing experience 25 years ago. Bet your pixellated sex acts don’t look so crappy now, huh?

4 thoughts on “The Coolest Thing EVAR (So Far This Week)

  1. Yeah, that older emulator doesn’t have nearly the retro cool of the new one. The inergonomic joysticks! The hard-to-press fire button! The crappy fake wood grain! Adventure, the dumbest D&D ripoff ever!

    Still, $30. I’ll probably buy one.


  2. My wife just reminded me of one of the last games ever produced for the 2600 (neither of us ever owned it, but we both new people who had it) called “Custer’s Revenge” If you google it you’ll find images you’d rather not have.

    While many of the games for the 2600 were lame, I don’t think any of them were lamer than that one.



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