World Ends: Apple Mighty Mouse

Hot on the heels of switching to the Empire’s processors, Apple introduces Mighty Mouse, a multi-button mouse.

OK, maybe the world isn’t completely over, because it’s not shipping as the default. And they’ve got a nice figleaf to hide behind, as they have this cool “360 degree” scroll wheel, and the buttons aren’t buttons but pressure points. But still, it’s not just them selling the Kensington Thinking Mouse, which I owned to much joy in the 90s, but it’s Apple actually producing a multi-button mouse.

Now, if they’d announced that henceforth they would ship it with all their computers, I’d start running for my purple track suit and black nikes. So count this as a sign of the End Times. One guess is that with the transition to Intel, there will be computers with 2-button mice shipping so that Windows users feel more at home when coming to the Mac.

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