In Case You Missed It

Here’s a post immediately following the Raich decision by Fafnir, of Fafblog, demonstrating just how stupid Yglesias was to claim it would “make it harder to regulate giant corporations”.

“Insolent pot!” says Giblets. “Be more vendible!”

“Giblets why are you yellin at that pot plant?” says me.

“Giblets is trying to turn it into commerce,” says Giblets. “But buying and selling it is too much work. He wants it to be commerce NOOOOOWWW!”

“Silly Giblets, everything is commerce!” says me. “Let’s step into this maaaagical schoolbus and we will learn all about Our World Of Commerce!”

The comments, also, are worth reading:

You may be actually sitting on your front stoop basking in the gloriously warm rays of the sun. But is that really any different than exchanging money for goods and services at a tanning salon? No! The sun is a communist that undermines the tanning salon economy, and you, likewise are a communist.