John “Hannibal” Stokes on MacTel, Me on the Sun-set Option

The transition debate continues, and John “Hannibal” Stokes, every bit the CPU gearhead that John Siracusa isn’t, puts in his take. He talks AMD vs. Intel, the mystique of PowerPC, and lays out the reasons for the shift away from said mystique.

Good reading for those who look at any Apple move with an eye toward justifying their continued reliance on a platform optimized for zombie DDOS attacks. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In an aside, I read an article that claimed Apple really should have gone with…Freescale? AMD? Stuck with IBM? No…Sun.

This apparently was by somebody who hasn’t seen Sun’s inability to compete with Linux + AMD/Intel on a hardware level, and whose argument was that PowerMacs competed with IBM’s server line, whereas PowerMacs wouldn’t compete with Sun’s…workstation line? Right. And Apple’s been running ads in Scientific American because they want to be the computer for the scientists’ kids and mothers.

Wow, it’s been almost exactly 10 years since I last saw the “Apple should buy/be bought by Sun” fusillades. I know! Maybe they should have gone with SGI!

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