Simplication in Action

Simplicate (SIM-pli-kat), v.
To make more complex by attempting to simplify.

So can you read this mess?

||{B,t,w=4,s=padding:10px} !SyntaxCMS Engineering ||{B,t,w=4,s=padding:10px}Sandy Smith||{s=padding:10px}Establish SyntaxCMS RoadMap||{c,s=padding:10px}W,C||{c,s=padding:10px}O||{c,s=padding:10px}O||{c,s=padding:10px}O||
||{s=padding:10px}Aggregate and centralize features wish list, and procedures for all staff to contribute||{c,s=padding:10px}W,C||{c,s=padding:10px}O||{c,s=padding:10px}O||{c,s=padding:10px}O||
||{s=padding:10px}User Documentation||{c,s=padding:10px}B||{c,s=padding:10px}C v1||{c,s=padding:10px}C v2||{c,s=padding:10px}C v3||
||{Rs=border-bottom:1px solid #000,s=padding:10px} Re-usable templates, Administrative ability to select template to use for a specific section ||{c}C||||||||

Neither can I. Supposedly that’s table code, but it’s in Wiki-language. Now, it’s funny, because it implements things that are already in HTML, but because the Wiki-authors were too scared to try to filter out cross-site-scripting attacks, they came up with this simplified markup language. However, their users wanted to do everything you can with HTML. So what do we get? This horrible, unreadable piece of crap that is far worse for the user than just using a frickin’ table like I intended.

Mind you, I have years of experience, but it took quite a bit of hunting to figure out why adding a row didn’t work correctly–an hour, in fact. Maybe I was having a blond moment, but there are real, live idiots who run Internet Explorer with no virus protection and have their geek friends come over to install Office who will be using this application. So in an effort to simplify things, the Wiki-authors made it more complex.

And, of course, they made it so any creep who wants can come along and automatically replace the content with German porn.

So basically, Wikis are only useful in intranets anyway (which eliminates the worry about cross-site scripting attacks, unless you have hired a bunch of porn spammers, in which case, you should be fired), and only then if you use the absolute, most basic features, or find one that allows HTML.

For jebus’s sake, don’t try to mix the two.

One thought on “Simplication in Action

  1. point taken.:-) I invested so much in figuring out how to make that damn table, there was no way I was taking it down!


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