The Dutch Get It

Regardless of who I voted for in Debacle 2004, I still support the idea of fighting back against Islamic terror. My objections are objections over tactics more than the goal. The Dutch of Old Europe are now getting what the difference is: it’s not us versus them, it’s free speech versus Islamicism.

In short, a Dutch director who made a film about the treatment of women under current Islamic traditions was apparently killed for criticizing the way Islam is practiced by much of the umma. His family wanted people to make noise in support of free speech rather than a silent vigil. That’s exactly the right response.

Sadly, this is something that Bush doesn’t get. I’m not convinced Kerry does either, but he at least has made better noises about it so far. But I don’t forget that we are indeed fighting for freedom, and that the most important part of the whole battle is remaining true to that freedom even when it seems tempting to weaken.

You feel me, Ashcroft?

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    Well, perhaps I spoke too soon, it looks like some of the Dutch have taken to vigilante action against Muslims and Muslim institutions in Holland. Remember, wait until you figure out what country may have been involved, and send your military over to d…


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