Restaurant Recommendation: Mandarin East

Mandarin East, in Rockville, has dim sum nearly as good as the aforementioned Mark’s Duck House, and the service is better. Eating there yesterday was almost an experience in fast food.

The owner is enthusiastic and attentive, and the staff will get you anything you want while ensuring your water never hits bottom. That would be impressive for any restaurant, but dim sum usually brings out the worst as it consists of a couple hundred people all consuming little plates of food at once.

The only complaint I have is that even getting there at 12:30 is too late to grab some of the pineapple buns I love for desert. Those are popular and go fast. I’m guessing there’s either a late church service or an early service that lets out at 11 or so, causing the rush to be done with by 1PM. Still, that’s where I go for dim sum in Maryland.

It’s at 12710 Twinbrook Parkway, between Rockville Pike and Weirs Mill Road.