And Now, a Word from My Sponsor: Syntax

Work-related news: My company just officially released Syntax CMS to the world as open source.

It took rather a bit of effort to clean it up and get it to the point we thought it releaseworthy. It’s still not perfect, but it does a few things that low-end open source CMSes don’t do, or don’t do very easily. I’ll leave the rest of it for the blog we have about it, but thought I’d point it out here.

As always, if you choose to use it, report bugs and contribute patches at the project source page on Tigris.

Update: Of course I mean “sponsor” in the sense that Forum One pays me the paycheck whence the scratch to maintain this blog and keep body and soul together comes from. Others will doubtless point out that I don’t have a soul. They may well be right. But the company, rightly so, has nothing to do officially with this blog and all opinions are mine…and I think the company is very happy that this is so.