Conservatives and the Government Impulse

Looks like I made my comments about modern conservatives being a bunch of dirty statists none too soon. Senator Rick Santorum is enabling religious types to ‘take advantage’ of their freedom to practice whatever religion they want, whenever they want, however they want, and on anybody else’s clock through an expansion of government regulation.

The text of the Workplace Religious Freedom Act makes it sound as though it’s mostly about religious clothing or taking off religious holidays, but the ACLU worries its vague wording would force employers to countenance proselytizing on the job or even employee refusal to work with gay or female clients or colleagues.

Interesting side note: Santorum’s joined in sponsoring this one by Senators Clinton and John Kerry (the sponsor of a previous version of the bill in the late 90s).

To paraphrase Hannibal Smith, “I love it when a red-brown coalition comes together.”

2 thoughts on “Conservatives and the Government Impulse

  1. Wait! It gets better! They’re also close to getting the right to participate in party politics without losing their tax exemptions!

    “House Republican leaders have tacked on to a major jobs bill a provision that would give religious leaders more freedom to engage in partisan politics without endangering the tax-exempt status of their churches.

    Conservative Christian groups have been pushing for such legislation for years, while civil liberties organizations and religious minorities have opposed it. But unlike past proposals, which were stand-alone bills, the current provision is attached to a huge tax bill that House leaders have placed on a fast track for consideration.”


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