I’m an Atheist, and I Find the Following Very Stupid

The ACLU wants to remove part of LA County’s seal because it’s religious. Los Angeles county has a religous symbol? These stupid right wingers and their crusades against any representation of Greek religi-

Oh, wait, you mean that’s not what they’re upset about? The huge personnification of an ancient Greek religious figure in the middle? Oh, it’s the cross on the side. You know, on Los Angeles County’s seal. For those of you who don’t hablo, Los Angeles means “The Angels.” Now why would a town founded by a bunch of Spaniards who were spitting out Catholic missions right and left have anything to do with Christianity?

Hmmm…this is sooooo hard. Math is hard! I bet the ACLU director played with a Barbie and can’t do math. And can’t read and other hard stuff. Boy, thinking about the obvious makes me tired.

Sure the ACLU does a lot of good work, too. But America doesn’t get a pass about Abu Ghraib prison just because we send food aid to Africa.

And this comes from someone who supports taking “In God We Trust” off the money, getting rid of the office of Senate and House chaplains, and removing “Under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance.

This deserves a Cartman:

“Yeah, you know we believe in equality for everybody and tolerance and all that gay stuff. But dude, —- you.”

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