Mac Usage 101: Don’t Whine

Over at MacNN, they cite an SF Gate opinion piece by a Muslim woman who uses a Mac. In it, she makes this rather startling statement:

As every Mac user knows, suggesting a Mac product to a PC-using friend may end the friendship. I’d feel more comfortable encouraging a Christian friend to learn more about Islam […] it’s always open season on Macs.

Eh? Since when? I’ve given and recieved my share of good-natured ribbing from friends, and even some outright scorn by anonymous trolls on the ‘Net, but never has saying “Get a Mac” (a la “Get a Horse”) ever caused anyone to do anything but either say, “Pshaw,” or “You know, those PowerBooks are sweet…”

On the other hand, I am usually interested to know informal details of religions that I don’t know that much about–my friends Becky and Todd have patiently endured my education on Judaism, for example–but I’m not eager to hear about why Your Faith is Great unbidden.

I can just see it now:

“Damn, I keep forgetting the words to the Lord’s Prayer. How will I ever get into Heaven?”
“Ya know, if you just converted to Islam, you wouldn’t have this problem. Islam is designed to be easier to use.”

To her credit, the author does give an example of how she sucked it up and dealt with the relative lack of neighbor-kid-variety free tech support for the Mac, but still, don’t make silly comparisons…or get better friends.

2 thoughts on “Mac Usage 101: Don’t Whine

  1. You’d have a hard time convincing someone that a religion that REQUIRES you to stop what you’re doing, figure out what direction Mecca is, hit your knees, and pray FIVE TIMES A DAY is “user friendly” 🙂


  2. So it’s the Windows 95 of religions…they *say* it’s user-friendly, but there’s some DOS lurking not far beneath the surface…


    DOS – Defenestration Of Sinners


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