Ack! I’m Behind on Updates!

Somehow while perusing VersionTracker yesterday, I got distracted by Apple-flavored goodies and missed my second-favorite text editor’s release (no, I don’t mean pico).

SubEthaEdit is now at 2.0. This thing is seriously cool, especially as it lets you do pair programming without sitting at the same computer–you can discover other users and share documents with them ad hoc. For my purposes, it’s fast, color codes well, and supports UTF encodings extremely intelligently. The user interface is just slick, and it doesn’t get in your way. It just works.

Now of course, they’re no longer just giving it away totally for free, but unlike Moveable Type 3’s controversial new licensing scheme, it’s simple: free for personal, non commercial use, and USD 35 for commercial use.

If you have a Mac and a coworker on the same subnet, definitely give it a try. You might try it anyway if you ever work with character sets other than Western Roman.