I Don’t Know Why, It Just Sounded Good

I downloaded the latest update to Apple’s GarageBand to see if it would fix some problems I had importing loops I’d made using Apple’s Soundtrack Loop Utility, part of the AppleLoop SDK (available free). It turns out that I’d had the stuff at too low a bitrate, and it was giving GarageBand fits when it tried to scale it out of tempo.

This figured out, I proceeded to experiment with getting loops to work (there is art, not science, here). The result: one loop successfully converted, a fair amount of sound experimentation, and I once again beg your bandwidth forbearance and kindness to right-click and download if you choose to listen to the result:

It’s Waiting

Dunno what had me in such a dark (yet relaxed) mood, but it sounded good at the time.

3 thoughts on “I Don’t Know Why, It Just Sounded Good

  1. Strange, can’t listen to it at work. Quick time player tells me that it’s a file that it cannot recognize.


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