The Boy Who Built A Breeder Reactor (Almost)

This is the most comprehensive writeup I’ve seen of the teenager who attempted to build a breeder reactor. I’d seen brief reports about this in the past, but this goes into incredible detail. The guy was arguably a prodigy, but unfortunately not terribly wise–he will almost undoubtedly die of cancer before he would have naturally. It’s a fascinating read.

I’m a big supporter of nuclear energy as a clean, safe, non-global-warming or habitat-destroying power source, but please, leave it to the professionals.

One thought on “The Boy Who Built A Breeder Reactor (Almost)

  1. That was a really interesting article. I wonder where David Hahn is now. Maybe he really will end up finding a safe source of nuclear power. Or maybe his brilliance will fizzle out and he’ll end up back in his dad’s basement. If anything can stomp the desire to do something in a new way out of him, it’ll be the military.


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