An Open Complaint to McDonald’s Corporation

This concerns not just this incident but 7 or 8 others I’ve had in the past 10 years or so…is it McDonald’s official corporate policy not to have milkshakes? I ask this in all seriousness because across the Eastern seabord and on the West coast I have several times attempted to purchase a simple vanilla milkshake, and EVERY TIME your franchisee has claimed that the “machine is down” or you’re “out”. So I have to ask–bait and switch?

I mean, is there a picture of your CEO actually holding a McDonald’s milkshake and a current newspaper? Practically the only thing I’ve ever really liked at your place prior to 1994 or so was the milkshakes, and now apparently you no longer actually have them, just list them for old time’s sake on the menu.

That’s it. I will now drive waaaay out of my way to find a Burger King the next time I want a simple milkshake–as such appears to be beyond the capacity of the McDonald’s corporation. If you’ve wondered why sales have been off–well, here’s a clue.

Eat McDonald’s food and McDie,

One thought on “An Open Complaint to McDonald’s Corporation

  1. we had to take our grandaughter to a dental appointment in bastrop,la. we went across the street to get coffee and couldnt get waited on,they were to busy talking to each other to pay any attention to their costomers.


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