What I Watched On TV Last Night, Part XMLIV

So I finally bowed to the peer pressure I’ve been getting for the last year and watched “Old School” on TV at a friend’s house last night.


This is the lifetime performance of the usually unfunny Will Farrel? Really? The guy is only funny occasionally. I counted maybe 5 good bits in the entire movie that were attributed to him. One other was attributable to the fact that said friend is still miffed that I made him sit through Kansas as the opening act for Yes three and a half years ago, and Will Farrel’s character sings “Dust in the Wind” at a funeral.

Luke Wilson is at best amusing, the other guy in the trio is slightly more so, but the script just wasn’t funny, the pacing would be charitably called “uneven” and generally the film made “Dude, Where’s My Car?” look like an intellectual tour-de-force.

So I have now learned that nothing can save Will Farrel in a movie, just as nothing can save Keanu Reeves in a movie, and yes that includes the bloody Matrix, with its high-school stoner philosophy. *Toke* “What if, like, the world is just, like, a dream, man?” If you didn’t believe me with the first one, you for damn sure believed me by the third.

Please, people, just learn to admit that Steve Martin (yes, I’ve seen the bloody Jerk, I kept waiting for the funny bit), Will Farrel, and Richard Pryor (The Toy. Superman III. ‘Nuff said.) are the most overrated comedians on the planet. You’ll feel better liberating yourself from the herd. Honestly. Bill Murray still makes movies. It’s OK. There’s other stuff to watch. I promise.

3 thoughts on “What I Watched On TV Last Night, Part XMLIV

  1. It sounds like you failed to view this film properly. This movie was filmed in 3B. Three beers and it looks good, eh? If you saw it sober, or with only one or two beers, then your brain was working on too high a level.

    The earmuffs bit alone is worth it.

    That and the wedding singer.

    And that one form tackle where they deck the guy into the fountain.


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