Mac OS X Ready for Corporate Desktop

OK, the thing that had been holding me back from recommending Mac OS X for the corporate desktop has been fixed.

You can, as of OS X 10.3 (since updated to 10.3.1), drag a SMB-mounted shared volume (equivalent to the shared drives assigned to higher letters like U:, N:, or S: on DOS-, I mean, uh, Windows-based systems) to the Startup Items window in the Accounts system preference panel, and it will mount on login. In 10.2, this worked for AppleShare (afp://) and NFS systems, but not Windows-standard SMB (Samba) systems.

Way to go Steve! Now fix the UI problems in iCal and give us an open-source shared calendaring solution for it compatible with Mozilla, and there will be no reason to use Windows for anybody. 😉

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