Ask, And Ye Shall (Partially) Receive

MacMinute is reporting that an article in a paid subscription music industry rag claims Apple will be releasing “iTunes Producer” to make it easier to submit music to Apple.

Whoah? Apple making iTunes the vehicle for my garage band to get, like, totally out there?

Nope. It is being reported that way in some circles, but if you read carefully, the software is for music labels to submit their songs. So it doesn’t circumvent the legal process of authorizing Apple to distribute your music, and that is being carried out only (for now) with relatively major labels and select indies.

Still, this should make it easier for smaller labels in the big companies to get their catalog encoded, categorized, and on Apple’s system for your buying pleasure. Slowly, but surely, the complaints about lack of selection are being heard and dealt with.

Stay (i)Tuned, it will get better.

(And don’t forget to check out their Just Added link, which includes new releases as well as older catalog stuff that has come online, each Tuesday. Unfortunately this Tuesday it included Willie Nelson (*gag*), but it included something that sounds unpleasant and filthy enough to be some sort of Indie crap that you people will claim to like. And if you still aren’t satisfied, then take this musical message to heart.)

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