Clean Bill of Health for Monster ‘Tiel

So I had a message on my voicemail when I got home–Squeak’s bloodwork came back earlier than I was expecting, and he has his highest calcium yet, and everything else looks good. We’ll double-check in six months, but barring further evidence of distress, he’s Vet-Certified Cockatiel.

Of course, last night he weighed in at 116 grams. The vet said as long as he doesn’t actually get fat (you can still feel his keel bone), the weight is not too much of a concern. He’s now fully on the other of the two healthiest brands of pelleted diet, so he’s keeping all this weight himself.

So presuming he doesn’t break his perch, we’re good to go.

Thanks to everybody who wished him well–something worked. While I still don’t know what it was, it seems to be over for now.

I’ll try to rant about something suitably libertarian soon.

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