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On Grieving for the Famous

Two quick things about reactions to Steve Jobs’s passing: 1. Bill Gates would get a much bigger outpouring if he were to pass away under similar circumstances than people think. It would just be of a completely different character because … Continue reading

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Moving On

So the official word is out, and I can say that as of the first of July, I will no longer be at Forum One. I’ve been there an eternity in the tech world: ten years and nine months. I … Continue reading

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Sympathy for the Hiring Process

Over at, Aaron Brazell graciously gave me a guest post to more widely publicize a post of mine on the DCPHP list. There are a few good tips on how to read a job ad, some points for understanding … Continue reading

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In Favor of Network Neutrality Regulations

I just posted the following as a public comment to the FCC’s proposed rulemaking to ensure neutrality of internet network services: Unless and until broadband providers are forced to provide real competition by providing best-service sharing of the last mile … Continue reading

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Eclipse Works With Preexisting Code, But Not Well

[Cross-posted from the Forum One Tech Blog] I recently upgraded Eclipse PDT to the most recent version, and I decided to figure out something that had been bugging me: why couldn’t Eclipse use a project I’d already checked out via … Continue reading

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CodeWorks 09 DC

Thought I’d give a few overall impressions from CodeWorks DC while they’re fresh in my mind. The community What really impressed me was just how great the PHP community is. There were some Big Names there, but everybody was really … Continue reading

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You Forgot “Profit”…

Step 1: Patent something already in a published spec. Step 2: Use a term derived from a notoriously litigious company’s hit product, who make software covered by your claims, and threaten to sue. Step 3: Darl McBride? Is that you? … Continue reading

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Wolfram|Alpha FAIL

Clearly, this technology was not suitably vetted by geeks. It’s not that it didn’t know the answer, it’s just that it didn’t know the related inputs should be “African or European?”

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I have, in my career, been told many times that something will be easy; just use Plesk. Not once has it solved a problem for me. Unless that problem is, “What is something I can waste my time with until … Continue reading

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Take It From Me: The Idiot

Remember, friends, when looking for reliable advice on navigating the tricky waters of these here intertubes, only someone with experience should guide you. Especially if that experience is being scammed. Repeatedly. 27 times. Because if you haven’t been scammed at … Continue reading

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