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New Site

I’ve moved and updated my site. Most old content is here, though a couple of images may break. Bonus: no registration for comments. And the WP guys will stop snickering at how ancient my install is.

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Moving On

So the official word is out, and I can say that as of the first of July, I will no longer be at Forum One. I’ve been there an eternity in the tech world: ten years and nine months. I … Continue reading

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I Got Served

…notice that I’d better post or else. Trouble is, I rarely have something substantive to say because I’ve gotten my snarking out on Twitter. Maybe…soon…I’ll have some things to talk about that I can’t really go into now.

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Kodi Blogging

Much like Jim Anchower, it’s been a long time since I rapped atcha, so here are some cute dog photos to make up for it. Likes his ball playing, this one does

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Alexander Scriabin Prelude in G minor, Op. 27, No. 1

I finally got an audio interface for my computer and have finally preserved something I thought was going to die on some fragile magnetic media: my final project from orchestration class from my long-ago days as a music major. Despite … Continue reading

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On Brain Tumors

I’m very sad to hear about Senator Kennedy’s malignant glioma, because I’ve unfortunately watched a man go through it before. The most common type, unfortunately, is also the worst, and it’s not a pretty process. When I was in high … Continue reading

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This is me, tonight

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Another Sandy Smith Pops Up to Sully My Name

By complete coincidences, I found both of these items on the intarwebz today. First, a namesake who’s a “psychic, medium, and animal communicator.” Because maintaining the skill to plausibly “read” real people is too much, you have to go after … Continue reading

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Your Trickster God Is No Match for Mine

Every white person who wants to act like they’re all spiritual and know Indian lore and stuff always has to start with “well, Coyote is the trickster god.” Bah. The crow is e’r more a trickster and sends your god … Continue reading

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On Gratitude in Public

A long, long time ago, I was a musician, or so I defined myself. As such, I had to give a lot of public performances, ranging from a few other students’ parents in the neighbor’s basement to a thousand or … Continue reading

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