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Oh, Good, This Again: Macs Vulnerable–This Time For Realz!

An AP story is making the rounds that Macs are newly–maybe–vulnerable to viruses and Apple–maybe–isn’t getting it, just like Microsoft didn’t get it until…um…recently…or…not. Sigh. No, Macs are not invulnerable to all types of trojans, viruses, worms, or other malware. … Continue reading

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No Excuse Not to Give Shrook a Try

The best RSS reader I’ve used on the Mac or anywhere else is now free. Unfortunately, using the online version, will now require a subscription. This, however, only matters if you need to check RSS feeds away from your … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Be Installing Boot Camp

Another month, another Windows critical vulnerability. Crap, another area that the Mac is behind Windows in software availability–current exploits. Hackers have created hundreds of web pages that use the bug to take over vulnerable computers.

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OK, That’s Moderately Useless (Photocasting and Non-Safari RSS Readers)

So here’s the letdown part of the Apple Product Cycle. One of the coolest features the Steve introduced on Tuesday was “Photocasting,” or basically RSS feed creation for photos using RSS 2 enclosures, integrated deeply into iPhoto using .Mac. The … Continue reading

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And So It Begins

We’re at the Golden Section of the Apple Product Cycle. This is the fun part, the Christmas that comes with every Keynote or announcement from Apple that features a performance by Steve Jobs. Really, it is a performance. A three-ring … Continue reading

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Gruber on iTunes 5

I almost posted this morning, predicting that there would be commentary/scorn on the new iTunes interface from John Gruber, but was too busy. The interface is unlike anything else on Mac OS X–again. Sure enough, here it is, in the … Continue reading

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The Steve, He Listens to Me

So I noted Apple’s introductions yesterday long enough to determine that the “iTunes Phone” sucks donkey balls (100 songs? no matter how much memory you have? cell companies suck) but noticed that they’d released iTunes 5.0, and it has a … Continue reading

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Two Headlines

Worm hits Windows 2000 systems Panic ensues in rush for cheap iBooks Cause and effect? No, but I do predict both point to the market under-valuing Mac OS systems. Plus I can’t wait ’till the next zero-day exploit that affects … Continue reading

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Do the Math: Profit/Loss Edition

Well, looks like Napster’s model isn’t working, as the math (revenue – expenses = net loss) isn’t working for them. It seems that people don’t want personalized, time shifted radio if it can’t play on their iPods. Thanks to Oscar … Continue reading

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End Times Ever Closer

I love it when my crack dealer moves closer to me. Apple is opening a Pentagon City mall location this week. Usually the grand openings feature giveaways of swag, so I may stop by and check out the Mighty Mouse … Continue reading

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