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Moving On (Again), but Don’t Panic

So today I’m starting a new full-time position at Truth Initiative®, the anti-smoking nonprofit. They have an internal group there who work on various applications to help people stop smoking, and they needed senior PHP help. When I cofounded mojoLive, a … Continue reading

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Conference Talk Criteria

Both Adam Culp and Cal Evans had some slightly related thoughts about what is “wrong” with conference talks recently and how they intend to fix them. For Adam, neither novices nor veterans are getting content sufficient to justify their attendance … Continue reading

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The Silver Lining of Impostor Syndrome

[Let me start this piece with a caveat: This is not a #slatepitches-style article arguing that Impostor Syndrome is a good thing or that people with it are better off keeping it. It has profound negative effects and plays very … Continue reading

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My First Hackathon

This past weekend, I went to the Washington Post’s Election Hackathon. I hadn’t been to one before, but my friend Oscar had the idea that it would be a good way to possibly get a little more exposure for … Continue reading

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Help Kickstart BubbleSorter and GridSorter

I’ve always been careful to say that my new company,, is a consulting and product company. Today we’re getting closer to the second (but to us, first) part of our mission. We’re launching a Kickstarter campaign to build two … Continue reading

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Monday Morning Kodi Blogging

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Newer Venture:

In addition to my personal consulting in strategy, I’m excited to announce that, together with Eli White, Oscar Merida, and Kevin Bruce, I’ve become a part of We’re focused on building cool web applications for others and for ourselves. … Continue reading

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Over at the new blog, I show how starting with the phrase “How hard would it be to make a button…” usually ends up costing extra and frustrating everybody. Try instead to say, “Here’s the problem I’m having. What can … Continue reading

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Again at my new blog, I have a post about the importance of working with a developer when planning your site, and continuing to work with them throughout the life of your site.

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At my new blog, I look at how trying to tie all your applications together with one login (Single Sign-on (SSO)) is usually a complete waste of money and look at alternatives.

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