Take It From Me: The Idiot

Ad text: I got scammed 27 times. Avoid Online Work At Home Scams! I Will Show You The Ones That Work.Remember, friends, when looking for reliable advice on navigating the tricky waters of these here intertubes, only someone with experience should guide you. Especially if that experience is being scammed. Repeatedly. 27 times. Because if you haven’t been scammed at least 25 times, you don’t know what to look out for. That’s why only a guy who’s been scammed 27 times will be able to tell you which scams really work.

Oh, you wanted a work at home job that isn’t a scam? Well, I don’t think this guy can help you.

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One Response to Take It From Me: The Idiot

  1. Oscar M. says:

    Sometimes, I feel like my work from home is a scam 🙂

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