Meanwhile, in a Dark Room in Cupertino

Giving you a break from Depression II: Bailout Boogaloo, Apple has justified my continued holding of the stock. They have dropped the NDA on iPhone applications developers, ending one of the two biggest obstacles to iPhone application development. Now, at least, you can talk about the API and how to use it without getting sued.

Now, I’d buy more stock if they’d publish some guidelines on applications and stick to them. Right now they’re being capricious on what they accept and reject, and because this happens at the end of the development process, all your effort is in vain. A centralized App Store with a consistent, predictable set of rules for what is in and out is not necessarily a weakness, but a centralized App Store with capricious and arbitrary rejections of applications can kill all but the largest developers with separate guarantees from Apple from developing for the platform.

Part One is done, Steve. Now do Part Two and see your stock recover.

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