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The Future of Socialism in America

Many people (OK, one person) have (has) written me asking what I think about the future of socialism in America. And in reply I say, my friends, you don’t have to worry about socialism in America. It’s doing just fine. … Continue reading

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If Your Regulation Can’t Handle Greed, UR DOIN IT WRONG

American Left: SEE? SEE? Free market ideology is bad, because it steps in when there are disasters, unlike us. Now that it’s a disaster, let’s regulate like Europe, because they don’t have these problems. European Left: Oh noes! We have … Continue reading

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Take It From Me: The Idiot

Remember, friends, when looking for reliable advice on navigating the tricky waters of these here intertubes, only someone with experience should guide you. Especially if that experience is being scammed. Repeatedly. 27 times. Because if you haven’t been scammed at … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, in a Dark Room in Cupertino

Giving you a break from Depression II: Bailout Boogaloo, Apple has justified my continued holding of the stock. They have dropped the NDA on iPhone applications developers, ending one of the two biggest obstacles to iPhone application development. Now, at … Continue reading

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