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Change, We Can Believe In. Promises, Not So Much.

So much for telling his supporters about the Veepstakes winner first. That story posted while this was still on Obama’s site:

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The Web Causes Toilet Economics to Flow Backwards?

Have you seen the ad where a guy with tiger stripe tattoos attempts to get a tattoo shop to take them off, and they tell him it’s impossible, just like they told him before? The guy objects saying, “well, now … Continue reading

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Sandy Smith in Sex-Crazed Horror!

Unfortunately, not me, a different Sandy Smith who’s a producer in Britain. And the people horrified were British pensioners who went on cheap holiday to Mexico. Part of the savings was agreeing to be put in a hotel once you … Continue reading

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Question for Olympics Followers

Have we not seen how well Michael Phelps did in the shotput and pole vault because he only got bronzes? I’m sure glad we saved on carbon emissions by only sending one person to the games, plus apparently a coterie … Continue reading

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Leave Steve ALONE!!! Except for the real issues.

I think some people think this is an accurate representation of me, late at night: There are real issues to get upset at Apple about, though I think Steve’s health issue is at this point merely annoying than important–and I … Continue reading

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