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Boy, that OBAMA sure FLIP-FLOPS on IRAQ

Yeah, that Obama, totally not McCain, sure flip-flops on Iraq, unlike McCain, who would never accept a timetable under any condition…until attacking Obama on it got him approximately nothing. And, yeah, what was Romney known for before he was on … Continue reading

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Apple Mania Plus Bad Registration System Equals…

I just got back from San Francisco, and boy, were the lines at the Apple Store long. As in long on Friday (by news reports), on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (from in-person viewing). Yep, people were lined up at least … Continue reading

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Alexander Scriabin Prelude in G minor, Op. 27, No. 1

I finally got an audio interface for my computer and have finally preserved something I thought was going to die on some fragile magnetic media: my final project from orchestration class from my long-ago days as a music major. Despite … Continue reading

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Payday Lending Math is Bad on All Sides

Jason linked to this piece on payday lending in the UK, and I was struck right away by math being poor on all sides of the debate. I’m not the type of libertarian to defend payday lending to the death, … Continue reading

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