If You’re Stuck With a Job, Be Damn Good At It

Dave Weigel of Reason Magazine may have been stuck with the job of political reporting, alienating some readers used to horserace-free think pieces, but damn if he hasn’t taken it and made it his bitch. Here’s Dave on the Oregon primary results:

UPDATE 11:07: Everyone except CNN calls Oregon for Obama. Bill Kristol informs Fox viewers that Oregonians are all “drinking lattes and sipping granola.” I’m confused as to how this is a greater character flaw than the Kentuckyian trend of “strongly disliking black people.”

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3 Responses to If You’re Stuck With a Job, Be Damn Good At It

  1. How exactly does one sip granola?

  2. Sandy says:

    Maybe that’s the character flaw.

  3. lunchstealer says:

    I think it’s less a character flaw, and more an anatomical curiosity.

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