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On Brain Tumors

I’m very sad to hear about Senator Kennedy’s malignant glioma, because I’ve unfortunately watched a man go through it before. The most common type, unfortunately, is also the worst, and it’s not a pretty process. When I was in high … Continue reading

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If You’re Stuck With a Job, Be Damn Good At It

Dave Weigel of Reason Magazine may have been stuck with the job of political reporting, alienating some readers used to horserace-free think pieces, but damn if he hasn’t taken it and made it his bitch. Here’s Dave on the Oregon … Continue reading

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Cool Music Video

Sure, it’s a blatant plug, but damn, that’s a lot of editing: Plus the tune has some good harmony and orchestrating.

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Fafnir Interviews Hillary Clinton

CLINTON: Ha haaa! Well you know, anyone off the street with a scary black pastor can talk about change, but it takes a fighter to fight for change. And I’m a fighter. I’m tough. And if you lived my life … Continue reading

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