Last-Second Macworld Prediction

Given that the consensus is that Apple will introduce an ultra-portable notebook computer to fill the void left by the 12-inch PowerBook, I predict the return of this offering will be turned down by my Mac-h8r pal Jason who always would buy a Mac “except for” one of the following reasons:

  1. Too expensive
  2. Won’t play my games
  3. If only it had $FOO technology
  4. Not enough default storage (subset of 1)

My bet is #1 above.

(This post may not be entirely serious and may be intended just to get a rise out of Jason… 😉 )

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2 Responses to Last-Second Macworld Prediction

  1. You forgot #5:

    “Ubuntu runs great on my existing hardware and doesn’t require me to sell my soul to Steve Jobs to use it.”

    Discuss 😉

  2. Sandy says:

    That’s another variant on #1. 😛

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