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Another Sandy Smith Pops Up to Sully My Name

By complete coincidences, I found both of these items on the intarwebz today. First, a namesake who’s a “psychic, medium, and animal communicator.” Because maintaining the skill to plausibly “read” real people is too much, you have to go after … Continue reading

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Rudy Announces Name Change: Rudolph Giuli911

To better clarify why he should be President and drive home his message of freedom through “cede[ing] to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do,” Rudy neé Giuliani has announced he has legally changed his name. … Continue reading

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Last-Second Macworld Prediction

Given that the consensus is that Apple will introduce an ultra-portable notebook computer to fill the void left by the 12-inch PowerBook, I predict the return of this offering will be turned down by my Mac-h8r pal Jason who always … Continue reading

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Shorter New Hampshire

“Maybe Romney should have cried, too.” Unfortunately, the guys at SCO disabled his choked_up() subroutine in the last update.

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What Have You Changed Your Mind About?

Via Slashdot, I was pointed to the Edge Foundation’s annual question to that effect, put to a cadre of scientists and science-oriented writers and other intellectuals. The stuff is fascinating. It stirred another question in me, though: what would the … Continue reading

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Recycling Is a Slight Greenhouse Gas Reducer

My friend Casey helpfully pointed to a study from a well-respected author, though working at an environmental organization. I snip the following from Table 8 of his piece: CO2 CH4 Total US emissions reduced by recycling (%) 1.5 9.0 These … Continue reading

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