What Wonkette Couldn’t Handle

Wonkette continues its slide into not only irrelevance but worse, humorlessness. Case in point, this “omigod, they’re like, so stupid” bit on the months-old Ron Paul donation “scandal”. The attempt at humor seems to be using the phrase “pig fucker,” which would be funny if it weren’t in the middle of a whiny rant that Kos or Atrios would want to punch up before publishing.

The idea is that, by keeping $500 from a guy who runs a white supremacist website, Ron Paul is somehow going to…I don’t know, invade Poland? Anyway, if he doesn’t give it to charity, the money will take hold of his soul, much like the shoes of a dead man posses you and cause you to kill the former owner’s murderers.

But the following comment apparently disappeared into the memory hole at Wonkette, reproduced here for the record:

Wow, so $500 is enough to get everybody at Wonkette to start killing Jews?

Awesome. That’s what I call hard-core capitalism.

Now, how much to be funny?

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