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Your Trickster God Is No Match for Mine

Every white person who wants to act like they’re all spiritual and know Indian lore and stuff always has to start with “well, Coyote is the trickster god.” Bah. The crow is e’r more a trickster and sends your god … Continue reading

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How to Make Your System Administrator Gibber

“The site made the front page of CNN.” Suffice it to say, we had to upgrade the server. I’m so envious of the guys who got to work on this project.

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This Is What Caused Me to Dump MacFixIt

In the days of yore, when Extension Conflicts (kind of like DLL hell on Windows, except solveable) ruled the Mac troubleshooting landscape (this was a decade ago), Ted Landau’s MacFixIt site was a must-read. He had the dish on every … Continue reading

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Guy Who?

Ron Paul raised $4 million today, by my rough eyeball count. 4. MILLION. DOLLARS. (not gold-backed) Sure, I know this has all the weight of the Dean Campaign, except possibly less. I know the guy has a questionable history of … Continue reading

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