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For Blog Geeks…

You may notice that I’m now running this blog on WordPress. I got tired of waiting for Perl to execute, and since I’m on a shared host it meant I couldn’t blog in the morning. Next step: find a theme … Continue reading

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On Gratitude in Public

A long, long time ago, I was a musician, or so I defined myself. As such, I had to give a lot of public performances, ranging from a few other students’ parents in the neighbor’s basement to a thousand or … Continue reading

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God, When Will These Apple Fanbois Quit?

Notorious Apple-defender John Gruber is at it again. He just can’t accept any other music service. I mean how can you not see through phrases like There’s very high “it just works” factor here. or Music is easy to find, … Continue reading

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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child, and It Takes a Zoning Board to Deny That Child a Pony

Zoning board literally tells a little girl No, You Can’t Have a Pony. Not Yours Hat tip: The Agitator

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Just Sayin’

…if I had a computer company named after a kind of fruit, and I had a brand new computer I wanted to name after my favorite variety of said fruit, my computer would be the Courtland and users would be … Continue reading

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File This Under ‘No Shit, Sherlock’

SCO thinks it won’t survive the legal mess it started. Just think, if they hadn’t tried to assert ludicrous claims about owning intellectual property they didn’t own, they might have been able to focus on making their crappy products better … Continue reading

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You Bought Some of My Time, Not Me

I recently read a rant on a non-profit mailing list about how vendors were out to screw the little guy by “overcharging for hosting and hiding it by bundling it with maintenance hours.” It pissed me off. Here’s the scenario … Continue reading

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Finally an Honest iPhone Editorial

Finally, amongst the outrage of over-privileged jackasses braying over the unfair price cut of a piece of technology–as if this didn’t happen eventually with every consumer electronics product ever–Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post captures the real reason for the … Continue reading

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