Vegitarian Nomenclature Nazis

So apparently vegetarians don’t eat vegetables. And when you ask “animal, vegetable, or mineral” in Twenty Questions, you’re leaving out most of the stuff vegetarians eat. Or something. Anyway, by referring to vegetables being able to possess saturated fats, I was informed I wasn’t talking about vegetables, I was talking about “legumes.”

Um, OK. So when I asked if legumes were animals, I was criticized for being all “technical.” Right, because I’m just talking about plants being vegetables, but somehow I’m getting all “technical” about it. But no, let’s subclass them and arbitrarily call the “other” category “vegetable.”

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2 Responses to Vegitarian Nomenclature Nazis

  1. lunchstealer says:

    Seriously, I don’t like my food to be categorized as “other”.

    legumes == vegetables.

    Avocados has a saturated fats, but != legumes.

    Technically they’re fruits, but so are most vegetables, including legumes.

  2. Ginger says:

    Maybe instead of vegetables or legumes, you could call them plants? That should cover everything.

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