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Crapple 1) A crappy-tasting apple. 2) The apple I just ate.

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Chappelle’s Show Sketch Becomes Historical Reenactment

One (in)famous Chapelle’s Show sketch was about a famous Klansman who, though blind, had written several anti-black books and delivered stirring speeches on record, and only appeared in public with his hood on. The joke? He was black and didn’t … Continue reading

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For Once, A World Bank Dam Environmentalists Won’t Hate (Much)

Ordinarily, the thought of a World Bank-financed dam sends environmentalists into frothing rage. However, in Kazakhstan, the Bank is financing dams that are beginning to restore parts of the Aral Sea, which at one point was down to a quarter … Continue reading

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Global warming keeps getting chilly…it snowed in April…in Washington, DC. I know up north this is no big deal, but it’s pretty unusual here.

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