No More Battlestar Until 2008?!?!?

ZOMG. I can’t fraking believe that there will be no new Battlestar Galactica until 2008. I mean, sure, wait until November or something, but January or later? Is there some sort of nasty contract dispute?


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5 Responses to No More Battlestar Until 2008?!?!?

  1. Kira says:

    I just think it’s a mean and nasty teaser to make us anxious for the next level, and so that they can get their movie out, air the Fall tie-in show and give us all enough time to throw out every possibility about the identity of the fifth final cylon.

  2. lunchstealer says:

    Minor threadjack, what for the “Z” in “ZOMG”?

  3. Holly says:

    I don’t think there’s a dispute, per se, but I think I read somewhere that some of the actors wanted some time off to pursue other projects. I’m happy they’re coming back at all, though, because with viewership down they considered ending it after season three. So yay for last night’s kick ass episode and yay that they’ll be back! (Even if we have to wait almost a year.)

  4. Sandy Smith says:

    Don’t make me enter Cartman mode…

    [Cartman]Come oooonnn… Come ooonnnn….[/Cartman]

    Oscar: Watch the season closer all the way through, they announce it there.

    Lunch: I stole freely from dhex.

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