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In Case of Rapture…

I’m totally stealing your car.

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No More Battlestar Until 2008?!?!?

ZOMG. I can’t fraking believe that there will be no new Battlestar Galactica until 2008. I mean, sure, wait until November or something, but January or later? Is there some sort of nasty contract dispute? Urrrrrgh.

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Don’t Forget Poland!

Irish rated EU’s worst binge drinkers. Seriously, worse than Poles? Or just not able to hold their liquor?

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Is It an Easy Joke? Sure.

…but that ain’t stoppin’ me: Attorney bitten by shark. (May soon disappear behind a paywall.) Tsk, tsk. Whatever happened to professional courtesy? Note: joke also works with poisonous snakes and vultures.

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