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All the King’s Hagiographies

Huey Long, the Kingfish of Louisiana, is oft cited with admiration by Southern liberals as that Wascawy Wibewuw who Got Things Done…something like the hard left today admires Hugo Chavez. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, no right-wing schill, might have referred to … Continue reading

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Two Birds, One Stone – Wind Power Producing Hydrogen

Wind power has been uneconomical compared to coal or hydro. Yet if newer slow-turn turbines are used and they are placed out of major bird migration routes, these former endangered-bird-choppers can be environmentally responsible power generators, producing no greenhouse gasses … Continue reading

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Kershaw County Finally Becomes Famous

Oops. Not for a good thing. I lived there for 12 years, and lived for 8 more in the next county over during college and grad school. I’m the same age as this guy. There, but for lack of inbreeding… … Continue reading

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Canadians Backing Away from SWAT?

Last night I went to a Reason happy hour and got to meet Radley Balko, who has just published a study on the overuse of SWAT teams. Small towns with a few thousand people will have a SWAT team and … Continue reading

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Beer Note to Self: Pinkus Munster Alt

Foamy, good body, not as heavy as the Brit styles but rewards slow enjoyment. Very light colored and a little bit fruity–very summery for an alt.

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This Just In: Rodents Posessed by Satan

They do skulk about, don’t they.

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Saddest Story of the Day

Our national nightmare continues: The Simpsons have been renewed. Sto-o-o-op…[it’s] already dead..

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Clean Bill of Health for Monster ‘Tiel

So I had a message on my voicemail when I got home–Squeak’s bloodwork came back earlier than I was expecting, and he has his highest calcium yet, and everything else looks good. We’ll double-check in six months, but barring further … Continue reading

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