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Chuck Schumer is a Moron, a Dispassionate Analysis by Sandy Smith

So the price of oil hits its highest (non-inflation-corrected) price ever, China’s demand continues to grow, there’s almost no spare production capacity, seasonal demand for refined gasoline is rising, EPA-mandated transition from winter to summer formulations are occurring, and refineries … Continue reading

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An Open Cynical Response to Jason’s Call for Tax Simplification

Jason lobs a volley across the bow of the good ship Progressive: [W]hy should it be a progressive cause to simplify the tax code? Because every dollar that is spent on help deciphering the tax code is, in effect, payment … Continue reading

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Why I Won’t Be Installing Boot Camp

Another month, another Windows critical vulnerability. Crap, another area that the Mac is behind Windows in software availability–current exploits. Hackers have created hundreds of web pages that use the bug to take over vulnerable computers.

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Mr. Godwin, Call Your Travel Agent

The frequent accusations against the Bush administration have led some to invoke Godwin’s law–he who first uses the Nazi comparison loses the argument–against the opposition. But in the modern drug war, sometimes it’s not even a subtle comparison: Government lawyers … Continue reading

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Little Tip For Ya

Don’t watch the movie Free Enterprise if you are over 30 and do not have both job and home life worked out. If you’re female, it’s OK, because in typical geek fashion they assume your life is perfect except for … Continue reading

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But What About the Children? They’re Fat, Too!

Don’t worry, we won’t suffer the little children any food deprivation in this country, either. What gets me is that it manifestly is not the children’s fault. Six and younger really can’t feed themselves, and are utterly dependent on what … Continue reading

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