Cool Discoveries

Thanks to Google, Joan Miro, Spanish surrealist.

Thanks to Julian Sanchez, about whose children I believe Chuck Mangione waxed rhapsodic, Amon Tobin; in particular, Bricolage‘s jazz-trance tracks. That also cued me in to Google’s music search (example), which will give you direct links to the iTunes Music Store.


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  1. Dave-O-Rama says:

    And those of us who saw the google thing and thought “Hey this Miro guy has some pretty good stuff” just got a big FU from the Artists’ Rights Society and the Miro estate. They seem to think that a tribute to the late painter using his style is a corruption of the artist’s work, and more laughably, an infringement of his copyright.

    So now, when I hear the name Miro, instead of thinking ‘huh?’ as I did before Google’s tribute, or ‘cool surrealist painter’ after, I’m now going to think of ‘Jerks getting bitchy about a well intentioned tribute, and showing no effing sense of humor’.

    Maybe that’s the legacy he would have wanted, though, so who am I to judge?*

    * For the record, regardless of who I am to judge, I’m judgin’. Jerks.

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