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Well, Aren’t I Just the Blogging Yankee-Talkin’ Fool Tonight?

So, just how Dixie are you, based on your word choices? 21% Dixie. You are a Yankee Doodle Dandy. Yep. Even though my mom is from Pennsylvania and my dad from Florida, I ended up with a speech pattern to … Continue reading

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And the Bad Ideas Just Keep Coming

I could see a Day Without Illegal Immigrants being useful to show people just how dependent we’ve become on illegal immigrants to do our various dirty jobs. But what will legal immigrants not showing up for work and anybody, legal … Continue reading

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Oh, Good, This Again: Macs Vulnerable–This Time For Realz!

An AP story is making the rounds that Macs are newly–maybe–vulnerable to viruses and Apple–maybe–isn’t getting it, just like Microsoft didn’t get it until…um…recently…or…not. Sigh. No, Macs are not invulnerable to all types of trojans, viruses, worms, or other malware. … Continue reading

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So, Um, What Exactly Do You Want to Do, Clooney?

George Clooney wants us to Save Darfur. He apparently discovered what the rest of the world has known for several years, that there is a systematic war between an Islamic government and the largely Christian peoples in the south of … Continue reading

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That Petard May Be Binding, Rush

Rush Limbaugh arrested on drug charges. OK, sure, they’re prescription drug charges, but as Rush has cheerfully carried tankerloads of water for the insanely overreaching war on drugs, it’s hilarious to see him caught up in it. Also, prescription drugs … Continue reading

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George W. Bush Supports Terrorism, Democrats Cheer Environmental Devastation

Let’s see, Iran is bad because Iran uses its oil money to support terrorism. Therefore, George W. Bush called for America to “Act Now To Reduce Dependence On Foreign Sources Of Energy.” But then yesterday, contradicting his criticisms of Clinton … Continue reading

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No Excuse Not to Give Shrook a Try

The best RSS reader I’ve used on the Mac or anywhere else is now free. Unfortunately, using the online version, will now require a subscription. This, however, only matters if you need to check RSS feeds away from your … Continue reading

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It’s a Parable About the Strugglin’ Workin’ Class, Mate, Tha’s What It Is

Via Radley Balko, I give you Super Communist Mario Brothers.

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Noachian Rain is a Soporific

After a hard day of having a nice lie in, a bit of a a gnosh, watching a spot of telly, having a nice lie down, and a bit of light reading, I’m off to bed, completely shagged out. (Yes, … Continue reading

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Cool Discoveries

Thanks to Google, Joan Miro, Spanish surrealist. Thanks to Julian Sanchez, about whose children I believe Chuck Mangione waxed rhapsodic, Amon Tobin; in particular, Bricolage‘s jazz-trance tracks. That also cued me in to Google’s music search (example), which will give … Continue reading

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