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Puppy After My Own Heart

1…2…3… Aawwwwwwww… (Go ahead, click it, it’s a cute picture.)

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Expectation Setting

Since I catch heat about things going buggy at work (“How could there be an error in the most buggy browser on the planet, just because we asked for thirty last-minute appearance changes and skipped testing!”) I thought I’d put … Continue reading

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I Graced the Summit of Hawksbill … Again

The freakish summer-like weather having come in early March, I started off this season of hiking with my usual warm-up hike, Hawksbill Mountain. Yes, the same one Ginger mentioned in October, though this time Ginger and another friend wussed out–but … Continue reading

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My Message for Everybody Today

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The Universe Continues to Toy With Me

Guess which phone I’d been wanting to get from Cingular once I was out from under Verizon’s thumb come Tuesday? Cingular, T-Mobile stop Razr cell phone sales Cingular Wireless and T-Mobile USA have temporarily stopped selling the Razr, Motorola’s flagship … Continue reading

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My World is Weird

Here’s a map of the Air Defense Identification Zone around Washington, DC. That White House no-fly-zone in the center? I live just inside the southern edge of it. Of course, that area also contains National Airport and flights heading west … Continue reading

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WTF? When Did Spring Happen?

Just a few days ago it wasn’t getting out of the 30s, and now it’s 61 after midnight and going to be 70 tomorrow. The cherry tree outside my apartment is blooming and the birds are out in force. I … Continue reading

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It’s a Blogger Coming-out Party

No, not gay, as Mac OS X users. On the heels of my friend Jason loving his company’s 12″ G4 PowerBook, Joshuah Micah Fetang Fetang Marshall switches as well. But the funniest comment on the switch-hitting is Andrew Sullivan’s (who … Continue reading

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You Know, I’d Post More…

…if reading the blogs I’ve subscribed to didn’t take up nearly my whole evening. Sure, some good stuff, but I gotta trim the number of feeds I subscribe to again (stupid insightful, in-depth Ars Technica articles).

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