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America, Land of the Fatties, Home of the Bariatric

Two recent stories, thanks to Ginger and Sploid: Hospitals changing to accommodate increase in morbidly obese patients Vegas’s new Hefty Ambulance They kinda speak for themselves, but I also realized this morning that I am down 17 pounds from my … Continue reading

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Old Media Pulls a Pajamas on The Oregonian

Remember when Jason invited me to fact-check Frontline‘s ass? Turns out we don’t need an anthill to do it. We just need to link to some old media online. The Willamette Week took on The Oregonian‘s series that Frontline repeated, … Continue reading

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The Deadline Is Never the Deadline You See, or the Terrorists Will Win

See, the deadlines that are the deadlines are not the deadlines. Those deadlines aren’t the real deadlines, just the deadlines that were given to you. The real deadlines are set by whoever can bug you enough to get their particular … Continue reading

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Stanislaw Lem, RIP

Dammit. I guess I should break down and start working my way through Solaris in Polish. His Memoirs Found in a Bathtub are particularly relevant with the new gargantuan security state Bush is creating.

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The First 48 Hours in Seattle

But Did I Sleep Here? Noooo So the first 48 or so hours in Seattle were split between this hotel and the one I slept in…or tried to sleep in when the Japanese girls next door could be convinced that … Continue reading

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But First, a Final Selection of Dominica Photos

Emerald Pool — not hard to guess how they got the name So a few last photos to clear out the creme de la creme of the Dominica Photos, after the break. As usual, click to see a larger version.

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I’m taking a break from wandering around downtown Seattle to indulge in coffee and wifi. I have been attending the NTEN conference, which ended yesterday. Last night, I met up with my friends Emily and Stephanie, both of whom I … Continue reading

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I Like Web Programming

…but I kind of hate HTML. That is all.

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Evangelicals Can’t Get Enough Hot Action

Hot legislative action, that is. Apparently not content to wait for the day when an openly Christian man (because women should stay in the kitchen making babies, which would be unhygenic if you believed in that Satan-inspired germ “theory” of … Continue reading

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Markets in Everything,* Web 2.0 Edition

*Blatantly stealing a meme from Tyler Cowen. I attended the DC2.0 event, a Web 2.0 miniconference in Reston (oh, the mighty whines of those who couldn’t navigate roads not on a grid was euphonious to me). I’m sure I’ll have … Continue reading

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