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OK, That’s Moderately Useless (Photocasting and Non-Safari RSS Readers)

So here’s the letdown part of the Apple Product Cycle. One of the coolest features the Steve introduced on Tuesday was “Photocasting,” or basically RSS feed creation for photos using RSS 2 enclosures, integrated deeply into iPhoto using .Mac. The … Continue reading

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And So It Begins

We’re at the Golden Section of the Apple Product Cycle. This is the fun part, the Christmas that comes with every Keynote or announcement from Apple that features a performance by Steve Jobs. Really, it is a performance. A three-ring … Continue reading

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Dominica Panorama on the Way to Boiling Lake

Click on it to get a bigger version. Looks like I missed a bit in the middle, plus people were moving around and I hand-stitched this in Photoshop without bothering to correct for lens distortion, how much I moved, etc. … Continue reading

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Take It From a Web Guy — Cookies Don’t Make the NSA Scary, Wiretapping Does

Listen, people: Stop panicking about X once it takes place online, as if it’s new or different or scarier. X can be anything, because it has the magic power to make people freak out like it’s 1978 and they’ve lost … Continue reading

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