So, Kids, What Have We Learned?

One last entry before I board the bus for the airport. Dominica, it’s been a wild time. There was sorrell rum punch, a fatally-injured boa constrictor, a non-fatal crash, a grueling hike through sulfurous vents, rain, sun, and sunburn. And a fair amount of poker.

We learned, we laughed, we cried–particularly when I got the repair bill for the rental…well, I cried at any rate. I think other people felt very good not to be me.

I got to know some very nice dogs and their Canadians, met a couple of friends I hope I’ll show around DC soon, heard risque stories from a grandmother over the aforementioned poker, and saw more fish than I can remember, let alone identify, along with no whales.

I ate more fish than I’ve eaten outside of Japan, learned the toungue-numbing joy of Karl’s Hot Sauce, saw the Oral Lodgings establishment, which is named for its proprietor, Oral Roberts (not that Oral Roberts) and advertises self-catering rooms. We learned that you must not eat Sukie’s bread by chance, but only by choice. We were admonished not to crush the crabs, and Kubuli, well, the best you can say is that it’s the beer we drink. Sigh.

I saw a rainbow every freakin’ day, and learned to appreciate why tree ferns are the ultimate end point in tree evolution.

Not bad, Dominica. Now get some sleep!

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