Hot and Cool

Yesterday saw the younger crowd of us experiment with left-hand driving and visit the capital of Dominica, Rouseau. I got a taste for Sorrell juice, a hybiscus-like flower that produces a red drink (and, later, a less successful rum punch). I’m not a huge cooked-fish eater, but I’ve had it almost every meal so far and have been quite happy. We poked around the botanical garden, though it didn’t have labeled versions of native plants but exotics from distant lands. Nonetheless, I got some good pictures of some tiny lizards (anoles, mostly).

We then drove up to the Fresh Water Lake (yep, that’s the official name), high up in the mountains. The thing is probably 100 feet across at its widest point, but 75 feet deep. It had been in the mid-eighties in Rouseau with quite a lot of sun, but up there it was in the upper sixties with mist, and, eventualy, a pretty good wind-driven downpour–heralded by a wall of mist coming at us at 20 miles per hour.

Today I’ll probably get my first taste behind the wheel. Think left-handed thoughts at me.

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3 Responses to Hot and Cool

  1. Oscar says:

    I’m curious if the pedals are reversed as well. That is, are you going to have to accelerate with your left foot? Or were they somewhat sane when they built the car backwards and still kept the accelerator on the right?

  2. Sandy says:

    Nope, same arrangement. But of course the shifter is on the other side, making driving a manual a further hazard. The turn signal and wipers are reversed.

    Just came back from a hike for lunch; the driving occurs this afternoon (we’re one hour ahead here).

  3. Vivian says:

    I heard from an ex-boss of mine that the hardest part is to remember which side of the road you are suppose to drive?

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