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The Surreality-Based Community on Health Care

I have read a couple of debates on health care recently, by crowing members of the “reality-based community” who, in those posts, say that anyone who disagrees with them is “dumb” or “delusional” (those are direct quotes). Somehow they view … Continue reading

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I Plodded Up the Side of Hawksbill Mountain…Again

Another Sunday, another mountain…er, the same mountain as described in Ginger’s post, actually. But it’s a nice trail to see the change of seasons. This season is deer mating season, and I saw a doe running up the mountain with … Continue reading

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I Have My First Hater

Surely this will catapult me into the ranks of big time bloggers like that guy from flyover country, the gay Republican, or some political hack. My more commented-upon Canadian-themed post got quite a lot of hate comments from Canadians who … Continue reading

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Oh, Yeah, I Did Get a Degree In That Once Upon a Time

I spend so much time playing at being a geek that I forget I once got a degree in international relations. But other people remember, so I got this email a couple of days ago: I had a choice between … Continue reading

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Browser and CSS Technique Updates

Jason notes the release of Firefox 1.5 RC 1. Turns out the Safari team has been busy, too, and included in this week’s OS X 10.4.3 release is a version of Safari (and any application that uses WebKit for rendering) … Continue reading

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iPodding (though I have no iPod) Memeing

Radley Balko has caught Tyler Cowen’s meme of asking for recommendations for new music. Radley did one better and at least provided up front some of his likes, which actually makes it possible to determine whether anything you listen to … Continue reading

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